Babble’s top 10 favourite animation performances!

With the release of Toy Story 4 this week, we in the office thought we’d do a straw poll on our favourite animation performances. These aren’t in any particular order, and if you have any to add to this, why not comment down below?!

1st up, one of the all time classic performances from the legendary Robin Williams – The story goes on this that the producers just got Robin into the studio before any of the animations had been done and let him loose, then the animators worked around the ad-libs.

2nd on the list is one of Maggies faves – Vin Diesel as the Giant from ‘The Iron Giant’. Bring your tissues for the end of this one… AND, who knew that big Vinny had a heart? He’s never been one for acting really… (can we say that?) but in this he does smash it

In at 3 – Tony Blackburn eat your heart out – Brian Bedford voicing Robin Hood. Apparently there is a subculture around this where loads of people fancy this fox. Horses for courses.

Next we move to Finding Nemo’s Ellen DeGeneres with scene stealing Dory – best bit for us, whale speak. Check out the vid below for a belly laugh

A slightly less well known one next, but if you haven’t seen it check out Wreck it Ralph and Vannellope voiced by Sarah Silverman. She is effortlessly funny.

Another classic, Baloo from the Jungle Book, voiced by the inimitable Phil Harris. Such a recognisable voice from such an iconic film, this just automatically found its way into the list.

Next up, the minions voiced by Pierre Coffin. In the Minions film it is just the one guy doing them all – amazing performance! And who doesn’t love the little yellow henchmen!

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stole the show in Moana – just a brilliant film (which I have had to watch circa 500 times with my little one). One of the 1st pixar films to have full cultural integrity and cast all the characters appropriately as pacific islanders (apart from Alan Tudyk as the chicken who is a ginger guy from Texas – sorry Alan)

Jenny Slate as the voice of Gidget in ‘Secret life of Pets’ takes the next spot. Jenny was famously axed after 1 show on SNL after dropping the F bomb on live US national TV, poor Jenny… So, next obvious step was a kids animation where she can F and blind to her hearts content…

Last spot, a modern classic, Olaf from Frozen voiced by Josh Gad. Very cute, very silly and perfect in just about every way in this film.

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