A Radio walkthrough

We’ve got a broad spectrum of voices on our books – they’ve got a few fingers in a few different pies so to speak…

One of those pies is Radio presenting.

And wouldn’t you know, it’s pretty much possible to listen to one of our voices from dusk till dawn on their various stations. So, on that note – let us give you the rundown in case you’ve got a quiet day or can have their dulcet tones playing in the background.

If you’re up with a screaming baby (I often am…) then OJ Borg is your man on the late shift on the country’s premier radio station, BBC Radio 2, between midnight and 3am.









There’s time to get back to sleep for a couple of hours before the baby wakes back up again at 6am, this time with a bang, on Kiss FM with Tom Green and the flagship breakfast show.

Pandora Christie can then take you through to lunch from 10am on Heart.

You then have a choice to make – do you listen to Joanne Good on BBC Radio London, or do you tune in to Erika North on BBC Radio Kent – both equally funny and brilliant!








That takes us up to 5pm when the fantastic John Brunning arrives on Classic FM to soothe you into the evening.

For those of you who listen to the radio over the weekend – don’t worry – you’ve got plenty of opportunities to hear our artists then as well.

The early shift on a Saturday is picked up by Kath Melandri on BBC Radio Essex from 6am.

Laura Woods takes the lunchtime slot on Saturdays over on TalkSport.

Then on Sunday your choices are Max Rushden, back on Talksport from 10am…

…who hands over to Craig Stevens on Heart at lunchtime.

Finally Sushil Chudasama takes the Sunday evening shift on BBC Radio Lancs.

So – it’s a full schedule as you can see – and we’re pretty proud that you can hear our guys and girls across the airwaves, day and night. There’s a reason that they’re on the radio (because they’re fantastic presenters!) but they’ve got cracking voices too. So why not listen to some of the links in here, and bear them in mind for your next project.

To book any one of our fantastic voice artists, give us a call or head to the contact page and drop us a line. We can’t wait to talk to you.


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